"Singal I/O" Basic GPS Terminal --TE364 (4G )

Item No.: TE-364
TE-364 is a device designed for basic vehicle management and positioning applications. Based on precise positioning, efficient communication, and low cost, this equipment can satisfy non-professional users who have vehicle safety management needs.
Description Specification Application
        TE364 LTE CATM1 Global Version GPS tracker is mainly used for safety monitoring and management of passenger carconstruction
machinerycommercial vehicleand motorcycles. The multiple extensible I/O can be connected with all kinds of peripherals like relays.
It is suitable for simply tracking application of any vehicle.

Main Features
Network: LTE CAT M1/NB1、GSM Network
Positioning Mode:GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BD
Voltage: DC9V~72V
Battery Capacity: Li-400mAH/3.7V
Water Resistance: IP67
BLE 5.0: Not Support
Interface can be used for remote cut-off oil/fuel

Communication Specifications:

LTE Specifications:
Operating band:
Cat M1 & NB1:
39(for Cat.M1only)

GSM Specifications:
Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

GNSS Specifications:
GNSS Type: U-blox GNSS receiver
Positioning mode: Support GPS/GLONASS/LBS
Positioning accurancy: 2.5m
Speed accurancy: 0.05m/s
Cold start:<-148dBm
TTFF(Open Sky):
Cold start:<=34s
Hot start:<1s

I/Os: B+, ACC,GND, Relay, 1 Wire,1Wire0(button)
GSM/GPS Antenna: Internal only
LED Indicators: GSM, GPS

General Specifications:
Dimensions: 100mm(L)*50mm(W)*20mm(H)
Backup battery: Lithium battery-Li-400mAH/3.7V (3C battery)
Operating voltage: DC 9V~72V
Working hours: 30mins working time in full battery mode at room temperature
Working current: Average working current:<200mA/12V<120mA/24V
Sleeping mode current:24V condition: sleeping mode overall rated current<6mA
                                     24V condition: sleeping mode overall rated current<10mA
                                     Reserve battery power supply:sleeping mode current<3mA
Water resistance:IP67
Casing material:ABS+PC
Storage temperature: -40~85℃(without battery)
Working temperature: -20~60℃
Power supply of installation: Vehicle battery power supply
Installation: ribbon、velcro、crews or the other fasten installation