Stop the Beehives from Being Theft -- Beehives Monitoring Solution

Author : Colette Tang
Update time : 2023-02-17 17:31:44
With bees becoming a premium asset, more and more reports have been coming up about honeybee beehive thefts and vandalism. This should be a signal for beekeepers to come up with remote beehive monitoring and tracking solution. How to achieve it? GPS tracking solution can serve as an alternative way to manual and ineffective ways of stopping a hive from being robbed. That’s where Think Power GPS anti-theft device for beehive comes into light.

How does it work?

GPS Beehive tracker can be mounted inside the frame of a hive or under the hive. When there is any possibility of hive thefts, any hive illegal location movement will trigger GPS vibration detection alert and device will start real time GPS tracking beehive, any unauthorized beehive tamper will trigger GPS light sensing alarm and device will report to beekeepers to prevent bee hive being thefts.

Bees are highly sensitive to extreme temperatures, given that the bee colony living inside the hives can be killed from drastic temperature or humidity changes, the additional temperature and humidity monitoring system is a safeguard of bee lives. If there is a sudden drop or increase in temperature, the beekeeper would control bee hive temperature and help bees survive .

  1. Up to 2.5 meter accurate GPS location positioning-help beekeepers keep track of bee hives location.
  2. Stable 4G CAT M1 NB1 and GSM-  IoT-based beehive monitoring data transmission.
  3. Bees hives anti-theft alerts - Geo-fence alert, movement alert and illegal tampered alert.
  4. Bees colony living climate control - Bee hive temperature, humidity monitoring.
  5. Long battery life- hive tracker remains charged for 50days with 1data/day report interval.
  6. Compact and easy installation- Smart bee hive tracker can be placed inside hives manually within few seconds.
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