How GPS Tracking Devices Can Be Applied in Perishable Food Shipping

Author : Colette Tang
Update time : 2022-08-10 15:56:20
Todays perishable supply chains GPS tracking solutions are designed to keep a product under specific temperature and humidity conditions throughout the duration of its journey of shipment. 

Lets take a quick look at how TL-904A GPS tracking system help improve perishable products shipment.
Tracking cold chain shipping routes in real-time
The TL-904A uses a U-blox positioning module with a positioning accuracy of 2.5 meters. In the cold chain transportation, the transportation location and historical trajectory of the products can be obtained in real time to optimize cold chains shipping schedule and make sure the products are delivered to customers hands on time.

Ensuring stable data update
Equipped with Quectel BG95-M3 module, TL-904A supports 4G CAT M1 NB1 network with a fall back to 2G. This ensures the device to transmission data stably. At the same time, compared with the traditional 4G module, this module is widely used in the Internet of Things industry and the network cost is lower, which can help transportation operators narrow down the costs.

Monitoring temperature and humidity condition of products
The TL-904A device can work with wired temperature and humidity sensor by connecting the sensor to the USB interface of host device. With temperature accuracy 0~60℃(±0.2) and humidity accuracy 10%~90%(±2%), its easier to access to the temperature and humidity condition of cold chain products in real time when delivering. The abnormal temperature and humidity state of products can be detected in time and protective measures can be taken to stop food waste and damage.

Constraining reckless behaviors of cargo shipping and loading
Reckless behaviors of cargo shipping and loading is another supply chain challenge we all face. Thanks to the inbuilt G-sensor, this device is capable to estimate the harsh driving and unloading, stay aware of damage caused by falls and collisions. Reckless behaviors of cargo shipping and loading are limited and help to protect goods and claim fair damage compensations.

Detecting illegal product tamper behavior
Cargo theft is an unavoidable problem within supply chains. However, TL-904A is equipped with light sensors, if the cargo is tampered illegally, light sensors would be triggered and the devices alert to the users. With the light detection function, the integrity and safety of the product during the transportation process from the origin to the final location is effectively guaranteed. In addition, it also provides a valid proof for the cooperation between manufacturers, logistics providers, transporters and insurers.

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