Smart Container Shipping

Author : Lucas Yim
Update time : 2022-05-26 14:51:02
         The industry of the ISO sea container supply chain is more than simple transport between boxes. From the classification of containers, it can be divided into dry containers, reefer containers, tank containers, chassis, and generator sets, and the coordinated operation between these containers is very important to the supply chain process, especially since these types of containers will experience different Transportation methods, such as land transportation to sea transportation, how to control the seamless switching between transportation processes is only important to improve the operation efficiency of the entire supply chain. Additionally, these assets generate disparate telematics data that can be delivered wirelessly to the back end of the customer management platform, where end users can analyze and optimize the entire process for transportation coordination, fleet optimization, and supply chain failure mitigation bringing great value.

        The solar GPS positioning tracker developed by THINK POWER uses the positioning module of UBLOX M8, and the positioning accuracy can reach 2.5 meters. The device supports 2G 3G 4G and CAT M1 NB1 communication frequency bands and can send location data in real-time. The operation logic of the equipment adopts the node mode so that the equipment can choose the working mode arbitrarily when the container is in transit and in a silent state.
Through a variety of data received by customers in the backend of the software, shipping managers of containers can accurately predict ETA and be notified when the equipment arrives or leaves specific locations - ports, terminals, warehouses, and distribution centers - to streamline distribution and delivery As well as reducing dwell and cycle times. The disappearance or delayed return of assets can result in significant costs, disruptions and delays. By equipping containers, chassis and other assets with the IoT, equipment becomes connected, visible and easily traceable, everywhere.

         Think Power's solar tracking device has a built-in Bluetooth module that can be used in conjunction with standard Bluetooth sensing devices. It is mainly aimed at the transportation protection of cold chain logistics containers. Improve compliance by protecting temperature-sensitive loads, and monitoring temperatures with real-time data and notification alerts when climate conditions deviate to ensure quick corrective action is taken before it’s too late. When it comes to cargo security, Think Power's solutions allow customers to remotely detect a door locking and unlocking as well as loading, movement, theft, and tampering to help secure cargo and ensure the integrity of a variety of equipment and cargo transportation networks.

        We also offer a wide range of smart IoT devices as specially designed wired and wireless sensors to support a variety of transportation assets and remote monitoring applications. Whether connected to equipment or powered by solar technology or long-lasting built-in batteries, our hardware is designed to operate for the life of the asset, supporting every use case in container shipping. Think Power's devices are military-engineered and durable enough to withstand the elements, including some of the harshest weather conditions, while at sea, in port, and on land.
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