Think Power's Factory got IATF 16949 Quality System Certificate

Update time : 2020-08-26 19:28:14
IATF ISO/TS16949 is an ISO technical specification aimed at the development of a quality management system.ISO/TS 16949 applies to the design/development, production and, when relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. Shenzhen XFa Electronics Co.,Ltd., which is the factory of Think Power, successfully passed the audit and obtained the IATF ISO/TS16949 certificate. This is an affirmation of our quality control ability and manufacturing strength.

Think Power's mission is to create high quality and reliable products and ensure that our customers receive the very best GPS technology in the industry. Whether you need fleet logistics management, vehicle anti-theft management, asset management or personal safety management, or you have special requirements, Think Power is willing to fully cooperate with you to complete the project. Look forward to your joining.

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