Think Power's VP203 supports accurate fuel detection in South Africa's heavy-duty transport fleet

Update time : 2020-08-26 19:43:23
Fuel theft in South Africa is very serious, which is a headache for fleet companies, because the fleet is difficult to manage, and fuel stolen can cause a lot of losses. TP's VP203 uses a high-precision fuel consumption sensor to support simultaneous detection of fuel volume and fuel consumption, which can help customers solve this problem better.

Firstly, we can detect the effectiveness of refueling to ensure the rationality of the refueling quantity and fuel costs.
Secondly, abnormal fuel consumption can be detected, and abnormal fuel consumption alarm information can be saved at the same time, as well as the storage of vehicle operating state data. It can be used for the fleet optimization
Thirdly, the VP203 locator uploads the location in real time, and sends an alarm when the vehicle enters or leaves the safe zone. The fleet manager can easily view and manage the status of the fleet.

This project effectively realized the monitoring of the actual use of fuel consumption by large-scale transportation vehicles. It have saved more than 300,000 US dollars of abnormal fuel loss for total more than 600 transportation vehicles every year.
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