Think Power provides portable monitoring and positioning devices for the Canadian healthcare industry

Update time : 2020-08-26 19:45:28
The aging population in Canada is getting worse, which means that more and more elderly people need guardianship. In response to the needs of the healthcare management industry, a Canadian client wanted to design a portable product for real-time positioning and monitoring for vulnerable groups and the elderly.

The product is required to be compact and convenient, with a long standby time, and effective measures can be taken in emergency situations. Based on the requirements, we have designed a mini portable monitoring product.

Firstly, for more precise positioning, we use wifi, LBS, gps multiple positioning technology to achieve real-time location status data collection of personnel.
Secondly, we applied sensors and adopted effective algorithms to realize the fall alarm reminder. When the elderly fall or in an emergency, the one-key alarm function can be activated, and designated personnel can receive the message in time, rush to and deal with it. At the same time, for more convenient monitoring, we have implemented a two-way conversation function, which can get the needs of the elderly in time.
In order to long use time, the device adopts low-power USSD communication protocol, which effectively increases the use time of the device, and it can be used normally for up to 3 months. Through the effective data collection of the equipment and the remote data analysis with the platform, it helps customers realize the problem of remote monitoring of the real-time status of vulnerable groups.
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