What role can the Internet of Vehicles equipment bring to the modern fleet?

Author : Lucas Yim
Update time : 2021-12-09 15:09:21
What role can the Internet of Vehicles equipment bring to the modern fleet?
             With the continuous development of information technology today, more and more fields have experienced the benefits of intelligent management.  People no longer need to rely on purely manual management, on the contrary, in order to improve production efficiency and even save labor costs. Information intelligence technology is the best choice.

            The Internet of Things technology we are familiar with is to use a wealth of sensor equipment, and through the wireless communication technology, transmit different collected data to the software platform for data analysis by terminal users. At the same time, end users can also analyze whether they need to adjust and control remotely controlled devices based on the collected information.

         In the past two years, COVID-19 has had a great impact on many countries and caused some confusion. A lot of infrastructures was destroyed.  Therefore, colleagues from various countries who are controlling the epidemic are also repairing the past infrastructure and investing more in the follow-up infrastructure work.

          In view of the past and recent communication with many customers, we have found that a large number of companies have generated many problems in the implementation of infrastructure, such as how to manage outgoing vehicles and how to manage the assets used in infrastructure. How to manage the staff, etc.

          In the past two years, Think Power has provided basic and standard hardware solutions, especially in the management of large-scale commercial machinery. Combined with our own R&D team, we cooperated with customers to complete various customized requirements.

In product design, we understand that the basic needs of customers are:

1. GPS positioning, positioning accuracy within 2.5m
2. Communication standard, covering 4G LTE TDD, 3G, 2G, 4G CAT M1 NB1
3. Short-distance communication: Bluetooth BLE5.0, LORA, SIGFOX, ZIGBEE, UWB technology
4. Interface: Digital Input, Digital Output, 1-analog, 1-wire, RS232
5. CAN BUS 2.0B data transparent transmission
6. Lithium battery
7. Waterproof grade IP67

           These are the basic needs of customers. On this basis, there are some customizations of the firmware application layer, and the R&D department of Think Power will cooperate with customers to customize.

          In terms of the hardware design of fleet management and remote control, Think Power provides the following two types of equipment:

1. The first type of equipment focuses on large commercial vehicles with CANBUS demand.

2. The second type of equipment focuses on the use of other passenger and small commercial vehicles.

We know that the Internet of Things solution is based on a complete system, not just hardware that can solve it. Therefore, Think Power has conducted in-depth cooperation with many IoT platforms and fleet management platform vendors, such as Gurtam, wialon, Flespi, GPSgate, GPSwox, traccar, etc.

We hope to provide customers all over the world with the best hardware solutions in the field of IoT hardware.

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