Container transportation management---Only GPS matters?

Author : Lucas Yim
Update time : 2022-04-15 16:09:57
I almost hear someone said ,"Maybe it's another cliché - containers."

But, please allow me to against your perception this time, generally, you may think that the GPS positioning equipment installed on the container is similar.
Probably the most important feature you care about is the battery life of the GPS tracker.
However, what I want to discuss is whether battery life is the only factor in the positioning management of containers.

Let's take the container shipping as an example: 

1. Shipping Method

We all know that the transportation process of containers covers both land and sea transportation.
Also, at the moment when land and sea transport cross, a crane is required.

2. Installation conditions

a. Weather conditions
b. Shipping Process

We can assume that the equipment will collide during land and sea transportation, or even during handling, whether it will encountered rainy weather?
When the container is stagnant at the terminal,if it continues to be exposed to the sun? what will happend ?
And above status does not require for the hardware performance of the device?

Obiviously, it is not! These are all factors that we need to consider.

Therefore, we have launched the second generation of container tracking equipment, and we have made significant changes in the structure of the equipment.

1. Use aluminum alloy as the base of the tracker to ensure the anti-collision and anti-drop performance of the equipment.

2. Increase the positioning column and place it under high temperature exposure, the equipment will deform

3. The new structure can fully meet the requirements of IP67
4. The battery life remains unchanged, the 10000mAH battery can meet the needs of 3-5 years of use. (Upload data once a day)
5. Adopt 4G CAT M1 NB1 module, which saves power and traffic.
6. Built-in bluetooth module, support bluetooth peripherals, including temperature sensor, door switch sensor.
7. Support external power supply working mode.

The solid structure and energy-saving design can fully meet the needs of container transportation.
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