How GPS tracking devices benefit airport material handling equipment

Author : Lucas Yim
Update time : 2022-04-20 17:30:18
        Airports around the world carry hundreds of millions of people and goods every day, and as passengers, we like to admire the giant planes parked on the tarmac in the towering and expansive waiting halls.

       However, have you noticed that ground handling is also a very important part of keeping passengers and cargo moving efficiently?

       In the ground work, the shuttle car for personnel, the shuttle car for cargo, the landing gear, the ground crew, etc.  are operating in an orderly, fast and efficient manner.

1. Personnel shuttle vehicle

                 Install the necessary positioning equipment, and lock the GPS positioning function of the equipment to upload once every 1-3 seconds.
Users can choose the appropriate shuttle bus to arrive at the check-in counter on time, according to the corresponding software provided by the airport. 
After the selection, you can locate the current position of the shuttle bus, so as to arrange your schedule for boarding.
In another aspect, The airport shuttle department can analyze the utilization efficiency of vehicles through GPS positioning data.
Thus, they can formulate the most suitable driving route according to the data, so as to save the cost of vehicle use and improve the ROI of the overall operation.

2. Airport trailer

 In airport transportation, cargo transportation is a very important part.
There are quite a few trailers that cycle back and forth every day.                                   
In the scenarios we have operated, trailers will be used according to different shifts, different seasons, high frequency or low frequency.
Usually trailers are fully equipped with GPS locators.
In high-frequency usage, the device transmits data every 5 seconds.
When the trailer is stationary, the G-SENSOR inside the device does not detect the vibration threshold, which will trigger the GPS tracker to go to the sleeping mode. 
And under this mode, data is transmitted once an hour.
Typically, the device can be used for about 3 months.
After 3 months, the battery needs to be replaced.

There are many other application scenario in the airport too 
If you want to know more about remote management solutions for airport cargo handling equipment, please contact us.
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