How to Optimize Your Motorcycle Rental Management: Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Author : Colette Tang
Update time : 2021-10-21 18:46:48
Running your own motorcycles rental business can be exciting and could prove to be a highly profitable affair. In today’s world, motorcycle services’ demand is increasing globally. However, the theft of sophisticated motorbikes is on the rise, because of its high resale value. What’s more, it is easy to steal and ride without raising alarm and the chance of recover is slim.
  Your motorcycles assets are the most valuable part of your rental business, that’s why you must ensure their security by installing GPS tracker in motorcycle.Luckily, there are powerful, discreet and budget friendly motor GPS tracker available, that will not only keep a check on your motorbikes security, but also give you access to remote control motorcycle if by some misfortune your motorcycles are stolen.
 4G Basic Motorcycles GPS Tracker

Real-time Location Tracking:
By installing a GPS tracking unit for the motor car you will have clear information about the motorbike location in real time. This provides you with the accuracy location information and movement reports of your motor vehicle at any time.
4G CAT M1/NB1 Network :
The device supports multiple bands for global use with a fallback to EGPRS. This ensures low network price with high data loading speed, thus reducing excessive network cost and increasing returns.
Remote Cut Off Motorcycles Engine
Shut down motor car engine by controlling motorcycle relay switch through platform when it is stationary , APP or SMS. It is much more easier to track motorcycle when it is stationary than moving one. This allows you and the police to recover stolen vehicle in shorter time.
Data Encryption
    There are many reasons to track a vehicle. However, a lot of the pushback comes from an invasion of privacy concerns. With data encryption technology, your motorcycle fleet tracking system can prevent unlawful practices and eliminate potential motor fleet information leakage .
IP 67 Water Resistance
The TE-364 is a waterproof, solid and compact motorcycle GPS tracker. Just like most rental use motorbikes, your motor cars will be inevitably exposed in tough environment. The waterproof design of the device is of vital apparently. This ensures stable operation under extreme weather.
Is Motorbike Tracking System Worth It?
Lets phrase in differently. How much is your motorcycle worth to you? Even if you have premium insurance, experiencing motorcycle theft is a horrible feeling. Motorcycle GPS tracking device can help prevent and help recover a stolen motorcycle in record time, and it makes the job that much easier for the police. In our experience, when the police officers learn that the stolen motorcycle has an active GPS tracker on it, they are a lot more likely to actively look for it immediately because they know it offers an extra level of security and increases your chances of finding your motorbike if it gets stolen. Whats more,most insurance companies offer a discount if your motorbike is equipped with a vehicle GPS tracking system. So are motorbike trackers worth it? Definitely!
How Do You Choose A GPS Tracking System for Motor Fleet?
If you have questions or are ready to get your business on board with a tracking system?
There are many options to choose from that will fit your need and budget. Simply leave a message and our specialized representative will provide best support for you. To view more information regarding tracking systems please see our products page here.

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