The importance of security in the application of M2M product technology

Author : Hardy Xia
Update time : 2020-11-27 14:50:12
           As an experienced M2M solutions provider, Think Power’s industry application experience will effectively eliminate the huge risk losses that many IT operators are prone to in their business operations.
           Data collection devices and GPS monitoring devices are widely used in the cluster management of large-scale equipment or mechanical vehicles. When data collection devices are connected to vehicles and large machinery, it is quite important to ensure effectiveness, stability, and scalability under the principle of safety.
            When installing the M2M devices on the vehicles, the misoperation of the devices will cause significant damage to the vehicle or important machinery equipment, which is an accidental loss we might suffer.
             Especially for mechanical vehicles, it will have very serious consequences if there is electrical disconnection or current and voltage transients, lightning strikes, electrostatic discharge (ESD) sparks, and switching load overvoltages. Therefore, to add circuit protection components for m2m devices is essential for mitigating such catastrophic damage.
             Now in the market, many m2m devices only consider the work safety of the product itself for the circuit protection design.
However, a good product that conforms to standards and safety must take into account sudden failures and sudden changes in the environment during the use of the product, as well as unexpected risks and associated losses caused by abnormal use.
In terms of product safety technology design, Think Power carries out comprehensive safety design from hardware and software applications to confirm the safety of the product. This is also an important trend in the application and development of data communication equipment.

Hardware Design:
  1. The high-voltage input is in accordance with safety regulations, and the LAYOUT is set with creepage distance and electrical clearance to ensure that it will not cause fire and overload accidents.
  2. Battery 11 safety protection:
a. Charge high and low-temperature protection
b. Battery overcharge protection
c. Charge overcurrent protection
d. Discharge high and low-temperature protection
e. Battery over-discharge protection
f. Discharge over current protection
g. Battery short circuit protection
h. Charging overvoltage protection
I. Charging Undervoltage protection
j. Output overcurrent protection
k. Output overvoltage protection
  1. All input circuits have ESD protection function to ensure product reliability.
  2. Safety certifications: the product complies with FCC, CE, ROHS, etc.
  3. Add a fuse to the power cord to prevent connecting in an opposite way of the power supply and prevent disconnection of the line to ensure that it will not cause vehicle safety accidents.
  4. Two-level control of oil and electricity cut-off, increased insurance to ensure that it will not cause vehicle safety accidents.

Software Design:
  1. Security software and firmware updates
Firmware anti-illegal theft technology, based on the security level of the main control chip RDP level 2, hardware encryption security technology protects the internal firmware, prevents illegal reading or cracking, to protect the confidentiality of the firmware and the integrity of the firmware.
  1. Safe storage
All stored data inside the device is stored and read using a 32-bit highly reliable CRC check method to ensure the safety and reliability of the data and prevent abnormal operation of the device.
  1. Communication security
Through the development of a private hexadecimal application transmission protocol, a certain level of application layer protocol encryption for the transmitted data to prevent random cracking
  1. SMS access control
Equipment anti-illegal operation safety technology, all operation control commands adopt the method of the password plus command code to prevent illegal access and control equipment from outsiders.
  1. Device and data security
High-security encryption level equipment and data authentication encryption technology, advanced high-security encryption device based on a hardware chip, this device has first-class hardware-based key storage combined with hardware encryption accelerator and can implement various authentication and encryption protocols.
  1. Cloud server data security

We focus on the design and manufacture of M2M equipment and are more focused on providing users with data and equipment security.

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