TP customizes wireless mobile monitoring equipment for transit vehicles in the UK

Update time : 2020-08-26 19:47:49
This device is mainly used for monitoring in the carriages of transit vehicles in the United Kingdom, realizing the monitoring of goods anti-theft and whether there are people illegally entering the vehicle.

Firstly, the device uses a highly integrated low-power main control chip. The main device and the driver's mobile phone use wifi to connect automatically, and the sub-devices use 2,4G independent networking for transparent transmission, integrated carbon dioxide temperature and humidity sensors, automatic camera shooting, infrared alarms and various wireless technologies.

Secondly, it adopts Linux system to ensure the stability of the equipment, and the device realizes the automatic conversion of the master-slave system, and the device is linked with the mobile phone authentication of the specific driver.

When the vehicles entering the UK, It helps the drivers realizes the real-time supervision of the real-time environment status in the vehicle, and the illegal entry of people . After the equipment is started, the working time is 12 hours. The equipment is easy to install, battery-powered, and uses mobile phone link networking. Both equipment costs and data transparent transmission costs are relatively low.

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